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IGF 1 means Insulin like Growth Factor 1.
It is a hormone close to insulin that is naturally made by the liver. It is anabolic but it is also appreciated for many other effects.

IGF 1 has a chemical formula similar to that of insulin, which is why its anabolic action is similar to that of insulin.
Indeed, IGF 1 stimulates, like insulin, the arrival of nutrients in the muscles, which has the effect of increasing protein synthesis, which leads to muscle mass gain.
This anabolic action also comes from the fact that IGF 1 is the messenger of growth hormone to order cells to multiply. This means that the more growth hormone the body contains, the more it contains IGF 1.
This hormone also has other effects, different from those of insulin. First of all, if IGF 1 does not regulate blood glucose levels as insulin does, it allows you to fight hypoglycaemia or hyperinsulinemia by lowering the level of insulin in your body. normal. IGF 1 is appreciated by bodybuilders for its ability to give a ridged look while providing a good PTO. An athlete can expect a decrease of about 5% in body fat after one month of treatment. IGF 1 also has the effect of lowering cholesterol levels and increasing the production of red blood cells in the blood.
This last property facilitates muscle oxygenation, which makes the bodybuilder more energetic in training.

The usual doses of IGF 1 vary between 0.1 and 0.5 cc every 2 days. The product has a very short life: it only acts during the 10 minutes following the injection. To prolong this very short action time, it is possible to cast IGF 1 with a parent hormone: IGFBP3. The duration of effect of the product is then extended to about
ten hours.

IGF 1 is a kind of white powder that must, like insulin, be kept in the refrigerator. This powder must be mixed with sterilized water before being injected.

To increase its anabolic effect, IGF 1 is combined with insulin, growth hormone or most anabolic agents.

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