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Nandrolone-Hexyloxy Phenyl Propionate

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Buy Nandrolone-Hexyloxy Phenyl Propionate Online

The drug Nandrolone is used as an anabolic steroid, which in small amounts is contained in every human body, in fact being a derivative of testosterone.

Nandrolone, reviews of which can be found in free access, contributes to a significant increase in muscle mass, but the drug does not work on the body immediately. Muscle growth occurs smoothly, and even after the termination of nandrolone application, muscle mass will not disappear, which can not be said about other anabolic agents. The course of taking this drug is often longer than the testosterone intake, but more effective.

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Advantages of using Nandrolone

• an increase in the mass to eight kilograms in a short period of time;

• strengthening of bones, therefore Deca Durabolin was used to treat osteoporosis;

• increased immunity;

• increased strength and endurance;

• elimination of pain in the joints and ligaments;

• improvement of intestinal absorption of nutrients;

• Low probability of side effects.

Buy Nandrolone-Hexyloxy Phenyl Propionate Online

Dosage and Expected Result

Depending on the desired result, experienced specialists will help you choose and calculate an individual steroid course with the drug Nandroged (Nandroged). Ideal, is the weekly dosage of 300-500 mg of the drug Nandroged (Nandroged), which can be divided into two doses. For athletes of professional level, 600 mg are allowed. Women are recommended not more than 50 mg during the week (in order to avoid virilization).

Optimal, in duration, the course of Nandroged can be considered within 10 weeks (plus / minus 2 weeks). During this time, muscular mass is gradually accumulated. To avoid side effects – strictly follow the clear instructions for use. It is also worth noting that the rapid effect of the drug Nandroged (Nandroged) should not be expected, because the muscle mass with this drug is recruited gradually, slowly and qualitatively. Some athletes who were not familiar with this feature of the drug are sometimes disappointed in it, although in fact, in order to get the expected result, you just need to wait a bit and continue hard training.

Precautions and Side Effects

The emergence of a side effect from the drug Nandroged (Nandroged) is a rare phenomenon. It is extremely rare to include in the course of drugs containing antiestrogens. If the dosages are too high, fluid retention may occur. An enlargement of the breast (gynecomastia) is also possible, but mostly only in cases of hypersensitivity to the composition of the drug. To avoid the appearance of undesirable symptoms, it is recommended to take Proviron or Clomid


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